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Department:Countryside Care and Rehab
Hours per Week:24

The purpose of Minidoka Memorial Hospital is to provide and promote high-quality, compassionate, primary health care services and health education to residents of, and visitors to, the Mini-Cassia region. We provide excellent benefits and small town environment.


A Licensed Professional Nurse (LPN) must be currently licensed in the State of Idaho in good professional standing.



The interpretation of functions as set forth in the legal definition of licensed professional nurse, Section 54-14026.


Ability to follow established standards of nursing practices and implement facility policies and procedures.


Ability to interpret existing policies and procedures to health care givers, patients, families, and physicians.


Ability to supervise and evaluate all direct patient care and initiate corrective action as necessary.


Ability to obtain report from the nurse he/she is relieving and record sufficient information to implement appropriate follow-up action as necessary.


            Ability to provide report to nurse coming in duty, including sufficient information for follow-up action if necessary.


Ability to conduct patient rounds daily, reporting problems to nursing supervisor and initiating corrective action.


Ability to identify safety hazards and initiate corrective action.


Ability to identify patients problems and emergency situations and initiate immediate "life saving" measures in the absence of a physician.


Ability to follow, supervise and evaluate the implementation of a Patient's Rights Program.


Ability to participate in facility education programs.


Ability to provide clinical supervision of care givers providing direct patient care.


Ability to attend staff meeting, in-service classes and committee meetings as assigned.


Ability to follow staffing guidelines and make nursing assignments according to qualifications of staff and characteristics of patient population.


Ability to assume responsibility for compliance with federal, state and local regulation within the assigned unit.


Ability to identify and counsel care givers and recommend disciplinary action, when necessary, to the Nurse Manager.


Ability to participate in the employee evaluation process by providing information in the clinical performance of care givers to the Nurse Manager.


Ability to complete report for facility committees as assigned.


Ability to administer and document medications and treatments per the physician's order and accurately record all care provided.


Ability to perform and document comprehensive assessment of each patient.


            Ability to develop an accurate comprehensive care plan based on each patient's comprehensive assessment.


Ability to document patient care provided and patient response or lack of response to care provided.


Ability to report changes in patients' conditions to a physician, Nurse Manager and responsible party and to take follow-up action as necessary.


Ability to follow facility admission procedures and communicate patient admission to other departments, physicians and ancillary service providers.


            Ability to knowledgeably and completely perform basic nursing skills.


Ability to follow facility discharge/transfer procedure and coordinate discharge/transfer with other departments, physicians and ancillary service providers.


Ability to complete documentation related to the patient's discharge/transfer.


Ability to assess patient needs and initiate development of individualized care plans.


Ability to review and revise patient care plans as necessary and as required by regulations.


Ability to participate in patient care conferences as assigned.


Ability to provide direct patient care and give instructions to care givers related to patient care.


Ability to listen to patient, family or physician concerns and initiate corrective action and/or report concerns to Nurse Manager.


Ability to supervise response to patient calls for assistance.


Ability to count all narcotics, sign for count and exchange keys.


Ability to report to care givers and explain all assignments.


Ability to check dinner trays to ensure proper diet is served and patients are assisted as necessary.


Ability to prepare and administer medications, tube feedings and treatments as ordered.


Ability to supervise application and removal of all postural supports and restraints.


Ability to order medications as needed, according to facility procedures.


Ability to supervise all patient care on assigned unit.


Ability to observe, evaluate, and document all changes in patient's conditions.


Ability to notify physician, when necessary, of changes in patients' conditions, weight changes, medication errors, medication not available, abnormal lab and x-ray results and any other information as necessary.


Ability to administer PRN medications and treatments as necessary.


Ability to participate in resident care conferences as scheduled.


Ability to consistently work cooperatively with patients, nursing staff, physicians, families, consultant personnel, community agencies and ancillary service providers.


Ability to personally obtain continuing education related to the health care field of nursing.


Ability to observe infection control procedure.


Ability to be responsible for the safety of patients under his/her supervision.


Ability to observe all facility safety policies and procedures.


Ability to come to work as scheduled and consistently demonstrate dependability and punctuality.


Ability to assume accountability for data contained in the Personnel Policy Manual.


Ability to perform other related duties as directed by the Nurse Manager.


Ability to check and stock the necessary supplies and equipment.


Ability to meet attached physical and environmental requirements as indicated.
Other duties may be assigned.



Associate's degree (A. A.) or equivalent from two-year college or technical school.


Current and good standing (LPN) license to practice nursing in the State of Idaho.


This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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